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Mercedes has broken the Nurburgring lap record with the AMG GT Black Series

This week, Mercedes has officially broken the lap record at the Nurburgring with the AMG GT Black Series, a £335,000, 720bhp track monster with manually adjustable suspension and manually adjustable aero. The Black Series can do 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds and on to 201mph. The AMG GT Black Series did the lap in 6:43.616 minutes beating the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ which achieved it in 6:44:97 back in July 2018. The lap […]

Amazon is adding 1,800 electric vans for delivery vehicles in Europe

This week, Amazon has announced that it is going to be adding about 1,800 brand new all electric vans to its fleet for Europe this year to help reduce its carbon footprint. The vans will be Mercedes eSprinter models, of which Amazon will be using 1,200, the other 600 will be eVito vans from Mercedes. This is in a pledge from Mercedes which is committing to have zero carbon emissions […]

Mercedes is killing off the X-Class pickup in May

This news was revealed back in February, but due to poor sales Mercedes’ first pickup truck, the X-Class will stop production in May this year and be dropped from the line up. Mercedes, to make the cost of development less for them, parented up with the Renault–Nissan–Mitsubishi Alliance and used the existing Nissan Navara platform as a base, but didn’t leave it exactly the same. Some items were changed between […]

Mercedes launches updated eVito van with more range

This week, Mercedes launched a new updated version of the eVito passenger van which, when compared to the previous generation of eVito it now has a much improved range, thanks to a much larger battery pack. Also, the eVito now has much faster charging options. What’s new? The previous generation of Mercedes eVito didn’t really have a very useable range, something only suitable for city use and shuttling passengers around […]

Mercedes will be launching a fully electric Sprinter van

In the past week, Mercedes has unveiled the next generation of its Sprinter panel van for 2018. All the changes for the new model are listed below, it mostly includes a new design, more safety features and new engines. But the big star of the show is the upcoming fully electric version which is expected to launch in 2019. New refreshed model The new model, which was announced little over […]