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Zoom is coming soon to Tesla vehicles

Today, Zoom has revealed that soon, Tesla vehicles will have native access to the video conferencing app. The news came via the company’s annual Zoomtopia 2022 event today. The Zoom app will run natively on Tesla vehicles and utilise the cabin camera that is located just above the rear-view mirror. To date, the interior camera has gone unused and hasn’t really served a purpose. Earlier this year, some people noticed […]

Google has now banned its employees from using Zoom

More and more companies are realising how insecure Zoom actually is, and during this pandemic the security of the platform has come into question especially now as more and more people are stuck inside and are using it to talk with family and colleagues. Earlier this week, schools districts in New York and Nevada’s Clark County have chosen to not use Zoom going forward. New York City teachers are now […]

Some schools in the US have now banned Zoom, due to security concerns

Zoom was never meant to be used for what it is being used for now, Zoom has been around for nearly ten years now and has always been a popular enterprise application and service for businesses to use for video conferencing. The quick nature of it which made business meetings very convenient and frictionless have now caused issues, now the platform has exploded in usage – due to the ongoing […]