New all electric DeLorean is being revealed at the end of May

The DeLorean Motor Company teased the new upcoming, all electric DeLorean model a little while back, with a gull-wing door silhouette and the above image. However the company has now announced that the upcoming car is set to be fully revealed later this month on Tuesday 31st May. While the car shares the same name as the famous sports car from the 80s, it is set to look radically different […]

DeLorean DMC is coming back later this year as an electric car

DMC is bringing the famous DeLorean name back later this year for a new all electric sports car. The DeLorean Motor Company is now owned by Stephen Wynne, who acquired the rights to the name in 1995. He is now doing something with the DMC branding with a new take on the sports car, but this time it’ll be all electric. The DeLorean EVolved will be announced at some stage […]