Electric Vehicles

BP opens “UK’s largest electric car charging hub” in Birmingham

BP has opened what it claims to be the largest charging hub in the UK. The new location is at the Birmingham NEC and is called a ‘Gigahub’ with capacity for up to 180 vehicles in total, with 30 being superfast 300kW DC chargers and a further 150 with 7kW AC chargers. This is now the third large location that BP has opened recently, one at Gatwick airport and another […]

Tesla announces new refreshed Model 3

Tesla has just revealed a new refreshed Model 3 at a media event in Norway. This is the first major change to the to car since the Model 3 was announced back in March 2016. Rather than a huge change, this is more of a mid-life refresh with modernised design, cleaner cabin, more range, better ride quality and much more. First of all, the new Model 3 has been spotted […]

BYD to drop the ‘Build your dreams’ slogan

BYD is still a very new brand here in the UK and Europe and if there is anything that’ll put potential buyers off, it’s a strange name for a car company. BYD is a huge Chinese battery manufacture and has only recently started to bring its cars to the UK and Europe. The brand name actually stands for ‘Build your dreams’ and this has had some controversial takes from car […]

SAIC set to manufacture the MG4 in Europe

SAIC,the parent company behind MG Motor is considering opening a new factory dedicated to building the MG4 electric car somewhere in Europe. The company hasn’t revealed any concrete information about where the location will be yet. However, we can expect SAIC to make the decision in the next few years. William Wang, the head of MG Europe gave some insight into the decision process. While the company hasn’t yet decided […]

New Extended Range MG4 model launches with 323 miles range

Earlier this week, MG launched a new version of the MG4 with even more range than before. The new ‘Extended Range’ model has 323 miles of range and costs £36,495. The new model has a larger 74.4kWh battery pack, much larger than the Long Range model which has a 61.7kWh pack. This means that this model has an increase from 270 miles to 323 miles of range, some 20% increase. […]

In July, a new EV was registered ‘every 60 seconds’

According to the latest report from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) the sales of new electric cars is on the rise, again. In July a brand new EV was registered ‘every 60 seconds’ and sales are up by 87.9% in July this year, when compared to July 2022. New car sales across the entire UK landscape rose by 28.3% during the same time period, with 143,921 cars […]

Honda reveals UK pricing for new e:Ny1 EV

Honda has revealed the pricing for the upcoming all electric e:Ny1 EV, which is set to be available to order in October this year. The car was revealed recently and is only the company’s second pure EV model, following on from the Honda e. The new e:Ny1 will cost from £44,995 in the UK, which does put it above its rivals, such as the Hyundai Kona Electric, Peugeot e-2008 and […]

BYD will bring the Seal U EV to the UK

Chinese electric car manufacturer BYD has announced that the new Seal U electric SUV will be coming to the UK. The company has already launched the Atto 3 SUV, Dolphin hatchback and the Seal saloon car. The new Seal U will be a larger SUV and will be coming to the UK at some stage. The car, given the name shares a lot with the Seal saloon car with similar […]

The Honda E won’t see a replacement, company to focus on SUVs instead

Honda has revealed that the iconic Honda E electric car won’t be getting a direct replacement anytime soon, due to customer choices that are more towards SUVs. The company has said that, for the foreseeable future, it won’t be making any small electric cars, with an increased focus on SUV models – as they are more popular. Honda currently has a growing lineup of SUV models, with the CR-V, ZR-V […]