Ford announces new Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition with 480bhp

This is the new Performance Edition of the current Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, the all electric SUV from Ford and today the company has announced that the GT version will actually have more power than originally estimated, at 480bhp which is 21bhp than the company had estimated. The new Performance Edition actually has the same power, but 34 lb-ft more torque bringing it up to 634 lb-ft. The standard Mach-E […]

Ford Mustang Mach-E now has an official range of 300 miles

The brand new Ford Mustang Mach E is due to be delivered to customers next month and ahead of the launch, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the US has approved the car with a maximum range of 300 miles on the top spec mode. The new Ford Mustang Mach E all electric SUV made its debut here in the UK earlier this year in February and was announced last […]

Ford announces new E-Transit with up to 217 miles of range

Yesterday, Ford announced its first all-electric Transit van which will be coming to Europe in 2022 at the earliest. The E-Transit wont be a one size fits all product either, in traditional Transit form it’ll come in about 25 different sizes, roof heights and lengths. Ford has also said the range will be up to 217 miles. Range, Charging and Power The batteries in the E-Transit are mounted under the […]

Ford will be announcing the all-electric Ford Transit next week

The electric car revolution is with us, the car market is nearly there, with the prices coming down but the electric van market is quite new in comparison, the likes of Vauxhall, Peugeot and Citroen all have all electric vans on the market with competitive specs but as of last week, Ford announced that it is getting into the game – wit the e-Transit. PSA have the Peugeot e-Expert, Citroen […]

New Ford Mustang Mach 1 will be coming to the UK

In the last few days, Ford announced the new Mach 1 Mustang which boasts a focused chassis for track, new upgraded V8 as well as unique styling inside and out. The Mach 1 was first seen in public at last weekends Goodwood Speedweek and for the first time ever, Ford will be offering the Mach 1 in Europe and the UK. The Mach 1 features the same 5.0-litre V8, but […]

Ford drops diesel Fiesta from the UK lineup due to low sales volumes

There is slowly a steady decline on diesel cars here in the UK, with the preference becoming mild hybrids and fully electric vehicles. Earlier this year Skoda dropped the diesel versions of the Kamiq due to poor demand and Seat did the same with the Ibiza and Arona as customer demand for the diesel versions was low. Now this week, Ford has axed all diesel versions of the Fiesta in […]

Ford announces new Fiesta ST Edition

This week, Ford has announced a new limited edition version of the existing Fiesta ST with the ‘ST Edition’. Only 500 units are to be produced, with 300 coming to the UK. Changes include gloss black detailing on the diffuser, spoiler and new more vibrant ST badges. New alloy wheels which are 8kg lighter than the standard wheels and the Edition has the same adjustable suspension that came on the […]

Ford introduce new Puma ST, with 197bhp

Back in May this year, Ford shared some tease videos and photos online of an upcoming Puma ST, the current Puma has already won What Car? of the year and now Ford has a new high performance version of the baby SUV. This is Ford’s first performance SUV to be launched in Europe, the company already launched an ST version of the Edge in the US recently and now we have […]

Ford launches the Ford GT Heritage Edition

This week, Ford unveiled a new special edition of the Ford GT dubbed the “Heritage Edition” and it pays homage to the 1966 Ford GT in which Ken Miles won at the Le Mans 24 hour race. The special edition car has a unique red and black exterior which is a modern take on the 66′ car, with 98 numbers on each side as well as exposed carbon fibre. On […]

Ford launches new mild hybrid Fiesta, on sale now

Today, Ford has expanded the line up of the current Fiesta, with a new mild-hybrid option. Ford starting offering its cars with an electrical boost starting with the new Kuga and Puma and now, the Fiesta can be specced with it too. As it does in the Puma, the hybrid system uses a 48v belt driven starter and generator to supply a small boost of power for the engine, 15lb […]