Ubiquiti launches new G4-Bullet UniFi Protect camera

Today, Ubiquiti has launched a new addition to its UniFi Protect line of networking cameras with the new G4 Bullet. This is essentially an upgraded G3 Bullet and the design has remained roughly the same with a new black sun shade, as opposed to white. In terms of what’s new, while the form factor has remained the same, the internals have been improved. The sensor has been upgraded from 1080p […]

Ubiquiti releases UniFi Controller 5.13.29

Today, Ubiquiti released a new update to the UniFi Network Controller, bringing it up to version 5.13.29. The update has a long list of improvements and bug fixes and only adds one new feature. In terms of that feature, Ubiquiti has now added L3 switching features to the new UniFi Switch Pro line. When the Pro switches were launched a few months ago, L3 capability was promised but was marked […]

How to UniFi – announcing our new how to series about Ubiquiti UniFi!

Welcome to ‘How to UniFi’ a brand new series of how to guides, video tutorials and general questions answered about how Ubiquiti UniFi works. We’ll cover the basics, the products, getting started, the best practices and a lot more. Stay tuned to A&T Tech for more on this new series. In the meantime, read our Product Guide on UniFi here and our product guide for UniFi Protect here. If you want […]

Ubiquiti launches the UniFi Protect NVR

Today, Ubiquiti has launched the all new ‘UniFi Protect Network Video Recorder’ or the UNVR4 as we’ll refer to it in this article. This is a 1U, rack mountable network storage and camera controller server for UniFi Protect, Ubiquiti’s proprietary network video system. For those out there familiar with UniFi Protect, this is big news in a few ways. First, a little history Before UniFi Protect, the options for UniFi […]

What is a Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine?

Ubiquiti Networks has been making all kinds of networking products since the early 2000s, it started out producing high powered wireless cards for the wireless internet market and products for wireless community internet and wireless internet operators. But since then it has expanded into enterprise networking products, networking cameras and a much, much larger portfolio of products. One of the most popular lines Ubiquiti makes is UniFi. We covered what […]

Ubiquiti releases new UAP and USW firmware, version 4.3.13 – with a lot of changes and bug fixes!

Ubiquiti has been testing the next version of firmware for the UniFi APs and UnIFi Switches for a fair few months now and today, it has been released to general release and has also been pushed to UniFi Controllers. This release is a huge one, we have gone from 4.0.80 to 4.3.13 and the release notes are extensive, we won’t post every single change in this post, but we will […]

Ubiquiti releases new USG firmware, version 4.4.51

Today, Ubiquiti has released a new firmware update for the UniFi Security Gateway line of devices. Version 4.4.51 has already been pushed to controllers and fixes quite an important security issues, one was where attackers could crash the PPPoE process on the USG, so long as the attackers is on the same broadcast domain. Version 4.4.51 is now out for the USG-3P, USG Pro 4 and the now discontinued USG-XG. […]

Ubiquiti launches airOS 6.3.0 for airMAX M5 devices

Today, Ubiquiti has released a new update for airOS 6, which runs on the M5 line of airMAX devices from Ubiquiti, which is the Rocket M5, PowerBeam M5, NanoBridge M5 and more as well as the line of M2, M3 and Titanium devices from Ubiquiti. This new update fixes a few important security issues as well as some annoying bugs. One of those bugs is where on an AC AP […]

Ubiquiti launches new UniFi Protect ViewPort

Today Ubiquiti has released a brand new device called the UniFi Protect ViewPort, and it is essentially a device for viewing your UniFi Protect cameras on a TV or monitor, thanks for the built in HDMI port. Like everything Ubiquiti, it is conveniently powered by PoE for less cables and power supplies. With Ubiquiti’s older UniFi Video system as well as the new UniFi Protect platform, the NVR devices are […]

Ubiquiti previews new UniFi G4 Dome camera, now IP67

Ubiquiti has just redesigned its UniFi product page on ui.com to make everything look a lot simpler to understand and when the UniFi Protect page was redesigned, Ubiquiti has put up a picture and some details of a new G4 Dome camera, marked as ‘coming soon.’ There are two interesting changes, one is that fact it is now fully IP67 rated, which means it is water resistant and can now […]