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UISP Router 5.0.0 launches with support for a GUI for the first time

Ubiquiti has recently launched UISP Router 5.0.0 to the Early Access software program, bringing support for a local GUI to the UISP Console, UISP Router and UISP Router Pro for the very first time. Ubiquiti has been putting some renewed focus on some of the UISP wired devices with the UISP Switch also getting a GUI recently and some remote access improvements too for the EdgeRouter and UISP devices. EdgeOS […]

Ubiquiti launches the U7 Pro, the first 802.11be UniFi AP

Ubiquiti has recently launched the all new U7 Pro, the first 802.11be AP from the company. The new AP shares the same physical footprint as the U6 Pro and other APs and supports six spatial streams, 6GHz and has a 2.5GbE PoE uplink port. The new U7 Pro is available on the official Ubiquiti store for $189 US or £171.60 in the UK. In the release post for the new […]

BYD Seal U to launch this month in Europe

BYD has revealed that starting this month, the new BYD Seal U SUV will go on sale in Europe with prices starting at €41,990 in Germany for example. The new car will sit just below the larger BYD Tang SUV and will have two trims levels available, Comfort and Design. As of writing, BYD in the UK doesn’t offer the Tang or the Seal U just yet, selling just the […]

UI Chat – January 2024 – “U7 Swiss Ultra+”

SquadShot Show Notes This month on the podcast, Alex and Evan talk about the new UK-Ultra access point, some new UniFi Protect promo offers Ubiquiti are doing, some new upcoming Ultra devices, as well as a huge list of new software releases. We love to hear from our listeners! Get in touch about what you thought about this new episode. Reach out on X, @uichatpodcast or you can email the show, […]

Vinfast looking to start UK sales in 2024

Vietnamese electric car company, Vinfast is looking to enter the UK market before the end of 2024 according to a new report from Autocar. The company has only been around since 2017, founded by Vietnam’s richest person, Pham Nhat Vuong. The company has been selling its vehicles in the US, most notably with the VF8 which has been poorly reviewed by some outlets. Vinfast is already selling the VF8 SUV […]

Charging Status – January 2024 – “Cane at Cribbs”

SquadShot Show Notes In this new episode of the Charging Status podcast, Alex and Jim discuss the issues surrounding the anti-EV movement, the Honda e:Ny1, Sainsbury’s new EV charging network and the new Caffeine and Machine opening soon near Jim. We love to hear from our listeners! Get in touch about what you thought about this new episode. Reach out on X, @chargingstatus or on Mastodon or you can […]

MG’s sibling brand heading to the UK?

Autocar’s latest report reveals that SAIC, the parent company of MG, is in the advanced stages of planning to introduce its premium electric car brand, IM Motors, to the discerning UK market. Founded in late 2020 through a collaborative effort involving SAIC, Alibaba Group, and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Group, IM Motors marked its entry with the L7 executive saloon in 2021, showcasing innovative features such as a 93kWh battery providing a […]

London Ambulance Service announces it now has the first EV ambulance in service

The London Ambulance Service (LAS) has recently announced that it has put the very first fully electric ambulance into service. The new ambulance is based on the Ford E-Transit which uses a 68kWh battery, which is actually smaller than the new upcoming E-Transit Custom. Ford says that’ll be enough for up to 196 miles of range, however once it has been kitted out to be an ambulance that range might […]

GWM Ora renames the Funky Cat, now Ora 03 plus some other changes

We reported late last year that GWM Ora was planning to rebrand the Funky Cat to GWM Ora 03 and this will follow on with the new GWM Ora 07 saloon car, the name of which was unknown until November 2023. In other markets, the ca was known as the Lightning Cat. However, just this week the rebranding exercise has commenced with renamed model lineup, more finance deals and new […]