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Ubiquiti releases new Enterprise Access Hub

Ubiquiti is moving to the next step of expanding its line of door access devices, with UniFi Access. The current line of devices has been out for a handful of years now and earlier this week, the company has announced a new Access hub to power everything with. The new hub is much larger than the original model and much more expensive too. We now have everything enclosed inside a […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Talk UK launch pushed back again by a few weeks

The release date of Ubiquiti’s phone service, UniFi Talk here in the UK has been up in the air for a number of months at this stage. On the official Ubiquiti store, it has mentioned a release date of Q3 2023 for the past six months. However, Q3 came and went at the end of September. Then there was some information from Cody, from Mactelecom Networks who had some inside […]

Ceregon Networks to acquire Siklu

Ceregon Networks, a company which specialises in licensed and unlicensed backhaul products is set to acquire fellow Israeli company, Siklu – another similar company which focuses on high performing PtMP and PtP products, primarily at 60GHz. The deal is set to be worth between $13 and $15 million. Ceregon has said the deal will allow it to start to sell Siklu products to existing Ceregon customers. As a result of […]

Fiat stops selling the Tipo hatch in the UK

After seven years on sale in the UK, Fiat has revealed that the Tipo hatchback is to be removed from sale, as the company is currently revamping its lineup with an emphasis on electrification, as seen by the 500e city car and 600e small crossover. Fiat never sold the Tipo in any great numbers and it has always been outsold by the iconic 500 and the SUVs the company makes. […]

Creator Spotlight S3 E1 – James Regler

SquadShot In this episode. I spoke to James Regler, best known for JimtheITguy on YouTube. He makes content about networking and Ubiquiti and we spoke about how he started his business, Influx Solutions and a lot of chat about Ubiquiti, TP-Link and advice for people getting started into making videos. Creator Spotlight is our series where we talk to creators about what they make and do and how they got […]

UI Chat – October 2023 – “Gateway-palooza”

SquadShot Show Notes This month, Alex is joined once again by Evan McCann. In this episode, the new gateways shown off at WISPAPALOOZA, UniFi 7.5.187 with PPSK, UniFi Network 8.0.2 beta, UniFi Talk UK launch pushed back and much more! We love to hear from our listeners! Get in touch about what you thought about this new episode. Reach out on X, @uichatpodcast or you can email the show, UI […]

Apple announces new October event, likely for new Macs

Yesterday, Apple has revealed that it is hosting another media event, likely for new Mac devices to be launched at. The company is only going to be offering a live stream online with no in person element to it. Last month, for the new iPhones, Apple had a pre-recorded event but also had media visit Apple Park to get hands on with the new devices and film content for YouTube. […]

Jaguar F-Type coming to an end with limited edition Type ZP

Jaguar has announced a new limited edition F-Type ZP, which features a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 engine with either 444bhp or 567bhp. The standard car is currently only available with a 296bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. Jaguar will only be making 150 examples worldwide, with only 10 available for the UK market. The name and design take some inspiration from the two ‘Project ZP’ E-Types raced at Le Mans back in the […]

Ubiquiti launches new Wave Professional 60GHz PtMP CPE

Following on from the most recent WISPAPALOOZA, Ubiquiti has added a new device to the official store, with the Wave Professional a 60GHz PtMP CPE part of the Wave family. When Ubiquiti previewed its new 60GHz Wave platform in June 2023, the Wave Pro was featured but it had been yet to make an appearance, until now. The new CPE costs $599 in the US and €658.80 in the EU […]

‘The Problem With Jon Stewart’ on Apple TV+ has been reported to be cancelled

Comedian, Jon Stewart has had his own show on Apple TV+ and the show has run for two seasons so far. Reported by The New York Times last week, it has been suggested that due to some “creative differences” between Jon Stewart and Apple executives, the show has been cancelled. According to the report, some members of the staff on the show were notified about the cancellation on Thursday last week, just […]