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Ubiquiti launches new white option for UVC-AI-Pro

This week, ubiquiti has added a new colour option to the UVC-AI-Pro, a camera that was previously only available in black. Since Ubiquiti started offering its line of AI cameras, they have only been available in black, for example the AI Bullet, the AI Pro up until now, the AI 360 and the AI DSLR. Ubiquiti has likely had some requests for a new colour, as sometimes black doesn’t work […]

GWM Ora are rebranding the Funky Cat

GWM Ora have decided that the iconically named Ora Funky Cat is going to be renamed to the ‘GWM Ora 03’ as an effort for the brand’s vehicles to better tie into the parent company, Great Wall Motor. GWM is looking to improve the strength of its brand here in Europe and the UK. The brands under GWM will now come into the new ‘One GWM’ plan, meaning that the […]

Creator Spotlight S3 E3 – Tom Matthews

SquadShot In this episode. I spoke to Tom Matthews who runs the VintageMatthews channel on YouTube. We spoke about making gaming content, the issues surrounding mental health, burning out and much more. Of course, Tom is best known for his highly successful GTA Top Gear videos, so we also chatted about the production process and the people he works with. Creator Spotlight is our series where we talk to creators […]

Charging Status – November 2023

SquadShot Show Notes This month on Charging Status, Alex and Jim talk about what Alex has been driving in the past month, the Ora Funky Cat and the MG5 as well as the latest EV news. EG Group are purchasing Tesla Superchargers to install at their forecourts, the new Tesla Model 3 has hit one million orders already, pricing for the new VW ID.7 has been revealed and Citroën unveiled […]

Apple has now stopped advertising on X following latest Elon Musk controversy

Apple has been reported to have stopped running advertising on X following some antisemitic comments that Elon Musk has recently made. The social media network has recently been having issues with advertisers leaving the platform and the new CEO, Linda Yaccarino has a good background with dealing with advertisers. Back in November 2022, Apple did pause advertising on X. At the time, Elon Musk accused the company off hating free […]

Ubiquiti announces new UXG-Lite, going on sale next week

This week, Ubiquiti has announced the new UXG Lite, which is dubbed as the replacement for the outgoing USG 3P and USG Pro 4. This new device comes around 18 months after the UXG Pro was made available, back in May 2022. Prior to that, the UXG Pro itself was announced in 2020. Now Ubiquiti is back with the UXG-Lite, priced at less than the USG 3P with heaps more […]

After 14 years, Omegle has been shut down permanently

Omegle founder Leif K-Brooks has announced that his website, Omegle has been shut down after 14 years. Launched back in 2009 the website allowed anonymous users to chat via text or via video without the need to sign in with an account. In the early years it was viewed as an appealing way to meet new people. However, in recent years, the website has become a toxic destination for online […]

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI arrives next month

Rockstar has announced that the first trailer for the highly anticipated next edition of Grand Theft Auto will arrive in early December. At the time of writing, it has been over ten years since GTA V was released and the longest time between releases we have ever seen in the GTA franchise. Undoubtedly, the next release will be Grand Theft Auto VI and this nicely coincides with the 25th anniversary […]

Ubiquiti releases UniFi Talk 2.2.0 with support for the UK

Last night, Ubiquiti released the first version of the UniFi Talk application that contains support for the UK. UniFi Talk was released around three years ago and has since been launched in the US and Canada. Just a few days ago, we reported that Ubiquiti had delayed the launch of UniFi Talk in the UK by a few weeks, this was according to a Ubiquiti Community post from UI-Glenn which […]

Creator Spotlight S3 E2 – Alex Goy

SquadShot In this episode, Alex speaks to Alex Goy who is a legend in the automotive journalism space. When he isn’t tooling around in his Morgan Three Wheeler, you can find him writing about the latest sports cars and much more. Alex used to be heavily involved in Carfection, which unfortunately was shut down recently. The two Alex’s spoke about how Alex G got started, some interesting perceptions people have […]