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Instagram will now let you delete your account from its iOS app, following new App Store rules

Instagram has updated its iOS app to allow users to delete their accounts from within the app. Apple has recently changed its rules for the App Store which requires that apps that allow users to make an account, must allow them to delete it too within the app. The deadline for this change was 30th June 2022 and Instagram released an update a the latest possible date. Apple has told […]

Instagram removes Boomerang and Hyperlapse from the app store

Instagram has pulled the official Boomerang and Hyperlapse apps from the iOS and Google app stores this week, following a comment from Meta. Speaking to Engadget, Meta said that Instagram is focusing instead on the main instagram app instead. It has been suggested that Instagram pulled both apps earlier this month on 1st March, but Layout is still available for making collages. Instagram has also pulled its official IGTV app this month, […]

Twitter is now showing Instagram link previews again

This week, Twitter has now finally started to add back link previews for Instagram. Now, like any other website when you share a link to an Instagram post on Twitter it displays a link and a thumbnail preview of that photo. Link previews for Instagram on Twitter used to work, however back in 2012 not long after Instagram become a thing those link previews went away and have been an issue since. […]

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are all down this evening

Facebook is having some issues this evening, as its own website along with Instagram and WhatsApp, of which it owns are all offline. Facebook has said it is working on getting the issues resolved, but it hasn’t explained yet what the issue could be. Downdetector is showing reports in the tens of thousands, with 35,000 currently showing. Due to Facebook owning Oculus too, this issue is affecting the services from […]

Instagram will soon allow posting from the web

Instagram is working on allowing Instagram users to post from the web, currently the web version of the service can only be used to view peoples stories, posts as well as send and receive messages but never post anything. This could all change soon, as web developer Alessandro Paluzzi uncovered an update to the website which has an option to post on the web version of Instagram. #Instagram is working […]

Facebook is telling iOS 14.5 users to enable tracking, to keep its apps ‘free of charge’

Apple released iOS 14.5 last week and it added support for App Tracking Transparency, a set of rules for app developers Apple has instigated after much delay as it was supposed to launch with iOS 14 back in September. App Tracking Transparency gives control back to the users on whether or not apps can collect information about you and then use it to track you on other apps and even […]

Instagram and WhatsApp back online following outage

This afternoon Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp all had issues and were offline for just under one hour. WhatsApp was left with “connecting” messages and Instagram was unable to refresh the feed. Facebook hasn’t said what caused the issue but WhatsApp said at 06:41pm UK time on Twitter that it has restored services. Thanks for your patience, that was a long 45 minutes but we are back! #WhatsAppDown — WhatsApp […]

Instagram has a new ‘professional dashboard’ for businesses

This week, Instagram has introduced a new tool for businesses, as well as influencers to help monitor post performance, instigate new advertisements and label posts as branded content. Instagram will get a new “professional dashboard” soon, but some of these features aren’t new but just moved to a new centralised location for easier access. Users can see monetisation settings, advert creation options as well as branded content. Ads can be […]

You can now watch Instagram Live videos on the web

Instagram has recently made it possible to watch Instagram Live streams on the web version of Instagram, this comes shortly after the company made direct messaging available on instagram.com too. While there wasn’t announcement of any sorts, Android Police noted that it was possible to view the live streams on the web version of Instagram, which will be helpful for users as you have a larger screen to use. Also, […]

Instagram is now rolling out desktop DMs to everyone

Instagram direct messaging support for the desktop is now rolling out to everyone, everywhere. Starting today, DMs support is coming to instagram.com. Back in early January, we reported that that the support is coming to a small percentage of users and that Instagram was testing it. However now users anywhere will be able to access their message on the web version of Instagram, just look for the paper plane icon […]