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All new 2022 Range Rover Sport prices and specs revealed

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed the pricing, engines and specifications for the new Range Rover Sport. The new SUV will be a highly important car for the company and the new model takes the range to the next level, with more power, improved technology and more economical. As of Tuesday this week, the latest Range Rover Sport is on sale now in the UK, with prices starting at £79,125. First […]

First Range Rover manufactured at Solihull under new social distancing rules

On Wednesday this week, Jaguar Land Rover manufactured the first new Range Rover at its plant in Solihull while under the new social distancing rules. This is the first vehicle to come out of the plant since it shut down for the lockdown on the 24th March. Health checks within the plant at Solihull include thermal camera, two metre distance rules as well as one way systems and PPE. Other […]

Jaguar Land Rover has sold half a million cars in one year

Jaguar has come a long way in the last ten years, back when Ford owned the company in the early 90s they were churning out old and used platforms and renaming under the Jaguar brand, this didn’t really work as the quality wasn’t there enough to justify the price that Jaguars were. Then in 2008 Ford sold the whole brand to Tata, an Indian car company that has helped bring […]