Land Rover

Land Rover Discovery Sport refreshed for 2023 with updated tech

Land Rover has updated its entry level vehicle this month, the Discovery Sport has been refreshed for 2023 with new technology and updated interior. Inside, pretty much all the buttons have been removed, in favour of a large touchscreen, similar to what we have seen on the latest Range Rover and other new JLR vehicles. The last generation of Discovery Sport used a haptic climate control panel under the dash, […]

All-electric Land Rover Defender coming in 2025 with 300 mile + range

Land Rover is reported to be working on a new, all-electric Defender which will have a range of 300+ miles. The company will launch the EV model in a few years time, in 2025, as part of the mid-life refresh for the Defender. JLR is expected to have fully electric versions available in all sizes of the model including the 90, 110 and the larger 130. JLR is also said to […]

Some Land Rover customers have been refused delivery, unless they agree to not sell the vehicle

As of late, it has been reported that Land Rover dealerships have been telling customers they cannot have their new car, unless they agree to not sell that car outside of its original dealer network. Specifically, customers have had this experience with the new Defender – a car which has been hard to get hold of, with price increases for those which are available. We’ve heard of a few cases […]

Land Rover launches new limited edition 75th anniversary Defender

Earlier this week, Land Rover announced an all new limited edition version of the Defender, for the 75th anniversary of the company. The car has a unique paint job, called Grasmere Green which extends its way inside the cabin and on to the alloy wheels. The new Defender will be a limited edition, but there is no ceiling on how many will be produced. Prices will start at £85,995 for […]

All new 2022 Range Rover Sport prices and specs revealed

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed the pricing, engines and specifications for the new Range Rover Sport. The new SUV will be a highly important car for the company and the new model takes the range to the next level, with more power, improved technology and more economical. As of Tuesday this week, the latest Range Rover Sport is on sale now in the UK, with prices starting at £79,125. First […]

Land Rover will unveil the larger, eight seater Defender 130 on 31st May

At the end of this month, Land Rover is planning on unveiling the new larger, eight seater Defender 130. Once launched, it’ll be the largest Defender on sale at 5.1m long. We also know that Land Rover is planning on opening the order books at the same time. Land Rover has said surprisingly little about the upcoming model, but we do know that they’ll be two seats in the front, […]

Range Rover Velar now available with 396bhp straight-six

Land Rover has updated the Velar a new engine and a new trim level with the 396bhp 3.0-litre straight-six petrol engine and the HST trim. This same combination has been available on the Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport for a couple of years now and this is just Land Rover expanding it out to the rest of the range. The HST is based on the R-Dynamic and […]

Jaguar Land Rover is now offering Amazon Alexa to its cars as standard

Jaguar Land Rover is going to be adding the Amazon Alexa smart voice assistant as standard to all of its new cars, thanks to a new update to the company’s Pivi Pro infotainment system. It’ll come as standard on all new models and some models can be updated over the air retrospectively, cars going back as far as 2020 and includes the new Defender in that list. Around 200,000 existing […]

Land Rover launches new Bond Edition Defender V8

Land Rover has announced a new limited edition Defender inspired by the cars used in the latest upcoming Bond movie, No Time to Die which is coming to cinemas later this month. Land Rover will only be making 300 examples worldwide and it can be had in either 90 or 110 wheelbase. The Defender V8 Bond Edition is based on the existing V8 Defender, which was announced back in February this […]

Land Rover updates Range Rover Velar with new tech

Land Rover has updated the Velar recently with new technology, software updates and new paint options in the range. The Velar was launched back in 2017 and this new minor updated car is on sale now, with prices starting art £45,925 in the UK. Starting with the interior, Land Rover has brought over its OTA update system from the Defender, which will be updated soon to add wireless Apple CarPlay […]