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Toyota and Lexus to add CarPlay to 2019 models

At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit today, Lexus unveiled its latest car – The 2019 Avalon saloon car and according to a post from Apple blog MacRumors, it is the first new car from Lexus that will support CarPlay from Apple. This is something which a handful of car journalists have criticised Lexus for, as all the big main manufactures now support CarPlay and or Android Auto, including Volkswagen, […]


Concept-i: Race for the first autonomous vehicle that understands your driving habits

The autonomous self driving vehicle isn’t a new concept. Infact, long before Apple’s or Google’s self driving cars were ever conceived of, one of the first artificially intelligent cars that learned through machine learning was created in 1989 by Dean Pomerlaeu’s Team at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) called ‘ALVINN’. The ALVINN system went on to drive the land military vehicle coast to coast, and was only under computer control by a human for 50 out of the 2850 miles […]

2016 Toyota Prius now on sale, starts at £23,295

The brand new Toyota Prius for 2016 is now on sale, the company revealed the new hybrid earlier this year at the Frankfurt Motor Show – along with the pricing and full details. The forth generation model is slightly more expensive than the last generation, with a price hike of £1,300 – which brings the price up to £23,295 but for that you do get more extras included such as […]