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Twitter has now confirmed that third-party clients were blocked intentionally

Last week, we reported that some, if not pretty much all of the third-party Twitter clients such as Tweetbot, Twitterrific and Birdie stopped working. The initial issues pointed towards the official Twitter API or a bug. In the day of the outage, as well as a few days afterwards, Twitter didn’t respond to anyone, not even the developers themselves. The initial issue was believed to be a bug or glitch.  […]

Twitter is now taking signups for organisation verification

Late last week, Twitter announced that it is now taking early sign ups for organisation verification on Twitter. The program was previously known as Blue for Business and will allow companies and organisations to be accurately verified on Twitter, as well as indicating how many accounts are expected to be affiliated – this being employees and sub-accounts, such as dedicated Twitter profiles for support and one for the main company. […]

Some third-party Twitter clients have stopped working

Some third-party Twitter apps have suddenly stopped working today, such as Fenix, Tweetbot, Twitterific and Twitpane. The developers have publicly announced that they are having issues and more information will be available soon. Some developers have reached out to Twitter to ask what is going on and so far, no one has heard back from the company, due to Twitter no longer having a communications team. This could be Twitter […]

Yesterday, Twitter briefly banned links to competing social media networks

Over the weekend, we saw Twitter go through a number of dramatic changes, including banning all link sharing to competing social media networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Tribel, Post, Nostr and Truth Social. It got so extreme that Twitter was even banning people from putting any links to other social media accounts. Users even discovered that it was also not possible to share links to Mastodon for example in DMs […]

Twitter has suspended the account which tracked Elon’s private jet

Today, Twitter has seemingly suspended the account @ElonJet which was set up by Jack Sweeney, a college student. Sweeney has been running the account for a number of years and has been approached by Elon Musk a number of times, even being offered $5,000 to stop running the account only to then counter offer $50,000. However, a few arguments can be made for and against what has happened to the […]

Twitter Blue is relaunching later today

Later today, Twitter is planning on relaunching Twitter Blue, after a rocky launch last month. The company announced this over the weekend and this also comes with a new price increase for users purchasing it via the iOS App Store. Twitter Blue will cost $8 per month on the web version or $11 per month on iOS. This price difference is how Twitter will be getting around the 15-30% cut […]

Elon Musk says Twitter will increase the character limit to 4,000

Elon Musk has revealed that Twitter will eventually in the future increase the character limit from 280 to 4,000. When Twitter was first launched back in 2006 it always had a limit of 140 characters and was then increased to 280 back in 2017. However, Musk has revealed on Twitter itself that in the future the character limit will be increased to 4,000. In a response to a question, Elon […]

Twitter to increase prices for Twitter Blue on iPhone to get around Apple’s 30% cut

In the last few weeks, Twitter CEO Elon Musk has publicly raised issues with Apple’s 30% cut it takes on any in-app purchases that happen within iOS apps from the App Store. This relates heavily to Twitter Blue, the company’s subscription service and for the few days it was available on iOS, it cost £6.99/month UK or $7.99/month in the US. However, for everyone who subscribed, Apple was taking 30% […]

Elon Musk says that Apple has started advertising on Twitter again

Last week, Twitter CEO Elon Musk hit out against Apple publicly after the company had stopped running advertising on the social media platform. Musk accused Apple of hating free speech and that the company was making new demands about the moderation on Twitter. Musk also claimed that Apple was threatening to remove Twitter from the App Store. However, within a few days of saying all this, Apple CEO Tim Cook […]

Elon Musk seemingly meets with Apple CEO, Tim Cook – at the same time he is falling out with Apple

Apple CEO, Tim Cook seemingly met Elon Musk in person yesterday after the headline making news that Apple was forcing Twitter to do more moderation as well as threatening to remove the app from the App Store. Elon Musk shared a Tweet on Wednesday saying thank you to Tim Cook for showing him around Apple Park and in the video, the shadow to his left kind of looks like Tim […]