Porsche Taycan now supports Apple Maps EV Routing

Last week, Porsche announced support for Apple Maps EV routing inside of CarPlay on the Taycan, something that has only be available on the Ford Mustang Mach-E up until now. This makes the Taycan the second car to support this feature and neatly integrates the ability to locate nearby electric vehicle charging points on route when you use CarPlay. CarPlay knows how much charge you have and will have and […]

Upcoming electric Porsche Macan will have a 100kWh battery

Porsche has confirmed that it is working on an all electric Macan SUV which will sit on a brand new platform, the Premium Platform Electric (PPE). The al new car will have rapid 270kW charging, 603bhp and a 100kWh battery, offering in theory pretty decent range – although Porsche hasn’t yet announced any official range estimates. Porsche has fitted one motor per axle with four wheel drive. 603bhp is delivered, […]

Porsche releases new software for the Taycan, adds extra range

A few days ago, Porsche released a new software update for the all electric Taycan. The new update actually makes the car more efficient and therefore increases the amount of range the Taycan has. On one particular model, the Taycan Turbo Cross Turismo the range has increased by 14.2%, jumping the range from 204 miles to 233 miles. Some other improvements in this release were about improving the entertainment system […]

Porsche unveils the all new 911 GT3 RS, priced from £178,500 in the UK

Today, Porsche has unveiled the all new 911 GT3 RS for 2022. The new car is the first all new GT3 RS since 2018 and is the first to be based on the current 992 generation of the 911. Porsche has said this version is the “most track-focused” version they have ever made. With the new GT3 RS, Porsche has fitted a 4.0-litre naturally aspirated flat-six engine, with 517bhp. This […]

New software update for Porsche Taycan adds 31 miles of range

A new software update is available for the Porsche Taycan this week which adds up to 31 miles of extra range. Strangely, the update won’t be delivered over the air, but instead will be handled by a trip to a local Porsche dealership. The update adds up to 31 miles of extra range and also makes charging more efficient. There are also some minor tweaks to the infotainment system. In […]

Porsche is recalling 43,000 Taycans due to powertrain software issue

Porsche is recalling 43,000 Taycans due to powertrain software issue it has seen, the issue could randomly shut down the drivetrain, bit this accord to Porsche has only been seen in a few cases. Porsche has said this recall is applying to all Taycan models produced before June 2021 and 4,495 of them are in the UK. The issue is related to a software issue with the power inverter, Porsche […]

Porsche launches new Cayenne Turbo GT, with 631bhp

This week, Porsche launched the new ultra powerful Cayenne Turbo GT SUV, with 631bhp. It will be available here in the UK later this year in September starting at £143,910 and it can be ordered now. The new version is based on the Cayenne Coupé Turbo and the GT model adds new spoilers, exhausts, diffusers and new tires designed for this car. The Turbo GT is also now the fastest […]

Porsche launches new 911 GTS

Porsche has recently announced the new 911 GTS and is on sale now, with prices starting at £108,920. Porsche is aiming this model at customers who want a 911 with more performance but don’t want to step to the GT3, which can have some compromises when used on the road, as opposed to the track. The GTS comes in a hardtop version, Cabriolet as well as a Targa 4 with […]

Porsche’s best selling model in November was the all-electric Taycan

While the company hasn’t released any hard numbers on the amount of cars it has sold, Porsche spoke to Autocar and said that here in the UK last month, it sold more of the Taycan than any other of its models, typically the company sells more Macan SUVs most months. The Porsche Taycan is the company’s first foray into the all electric world, it did make hybrid with the 918 back in 2013, […]

Porsche Taycan will soon have native Apple Podcast support

Porsche has recently updated the Taycan to now support native Apple Podcasts, as well as native Apple Music integration, which was added last year. This is the first car to have both serviced natively built in. Apple Music is also gaining the real time lyrics which was added to iOS recently too. “A great podcast can make any drive more enjoyable. With Apple Podcasts, drivers can effortlessly catch up on […]