Tesla announces new refreshed Model 3

Tesla has just revealed a new refreshed Model 3 at a media event in Norway. This is the first major change to the to car since the Model 3 was announced back in March 2016. Rather than a huge change, this is more of a mid-life refresh with modernised design, cleaner cabin, more range, better ride quality and much more. First of all, the new Model 3 has been spotted […]

New refreshed Hyundai i20 launched, on sale later this year

Hyundai has recently launched the new refreshed i20 hatchback, with some improvements to the safety equipment and exterior design. The new model will go on sale later this year in the UK, with prices starting at £20,770. The i20 has seen declining sales as of late, so the company is hoping the new refreshed model will help boost sales. For the engines, Hyundai has trimmed down what they offer. All […]

BYD to drop the ‘Build your dreams’ slogan

BYD is still a very new brand here in the UK and Europe and if there is anything that’ll put potential buyers off, it’s a strange name for a car company. BYD is a huge Chinese battery manufacture and has only recently started to bring its cars to the UK and Europe. The brand name actually stands for ‘Build your dreams’ and this has had some controversial takes from car […]

Volkswagen announces new hybrid California T7 Concept

Last week, Volkswagen announced the all new hybrid California Concept which is based on the current T7 Multivan. Volkswagen revealed that, earlier this month the new vehicle would be unveiled at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon trade fair. Volkswagen has changed a lot on the new camper and it’ll be launching later next year. The new California is larger than the current 6.1 California, sitting on the long wheel base platform […]

Volkswagen Polo GTI Edition 25 on sale now from £31,295

Announced earlier this year, the new Volkswagen Polo GTI Edition 25 is on sale now from £31,295 in the UK, £2,390 more than the standard Polo GTI model. Volkswagen are only making 2,500 units with 350 coming to the UK. The new car has arrived to celebrate 25 years of the Polo GTI. Changes include some styling upgrades and extra equipment. Volkswagen has fitted new sports suspension, lowering the car […]

SAIC set to manufacture the MG4 in Europe

SAIC,the parent company behind MG Motor is considering opening a new factory dedicated to building the MG4 electric car somewhere in Europe. The company hasn’t revealed any concrete information about where the location will be yet. However, we can expect SAIC to make the decision in the next few years. William Wang, the head of MG Europe gave some insight into the decision process. While the company hasn’t yet decided […]

Dacia releases new accessory packs for camping

With the new Dacia Jogger, the company is focusing on the accessory market with its new accessory packs which help turn the Jogger into a campervan, of sorts. The new Jogger was launched last year and the new camping accessories were announced at the same sort of time at a special event, along with some new rebranded Dacia models. The new accessories help turn the Jogger into make shift camper […]

The new ULEZ scrappage scheme is now live in London

The new ULEZ scrappage scheme is now live in London, as of today (21st August 2023) and totals £110 million which will give people easier access to replacing their car, if the current one doesn’t meet the upcoming Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) regulations. On 29th August, the new expanded ULEZ zone goes live and essentially encompasses everything inside of the M25, albeit using it as a rough boundary line. […]

Audi has removed the S4 and S5 diesels from sale in the UK

As time goes on, diesel is becoming less and less popular. Over the last few years, countless manufacturers have been removing diesel options and the next victims are the Audi S4 and Audi S5 . Both models have not sold in any great quantities, with just 198 units of the S4 and S4 Avant being sold in 2023 alone. For the whole of 2022, Audi only sold 137 S4 cars. […]

Ford announces new extreme Mustang GTD

Ford has unveiled the all new, and extreme Mustang GTD. The new car is going to be Ford’s most powerful road car yet with more than 800bhp. The entire body will be made out of carbonfibre with a focus for track use. Production will start in late 2024 with a price from around $300,000 (£234,000) in the US. Some units are said to be coming to the UK, but just […]