Renault adds new pure petrol Clio option, priced at under £18k

Renault has recently added a new cheaper care to its Clio lineup, this time without any hybrid technology. The new pure petrol option builds on top of the current Clio, which was only refreshed earlier this year and up until now, it has been hybrid only. The new option costs £3,500 less than the other models and comes in at just £17,795 in the UK. Renault has said this change […]

Renault launches new all electric Trafic E-Tech, with 149 mile range

Today, Renault has announced the all new third generation Trafic E-Tech electric van, which joins the larger Master and Kangoo vans, both of which have electric versions available. The third generation Trafic has actually been on sale in the UK since 2014 and is probably due for a refresh at some stage. However, the new van has a reasonable 149 mile range and supports DC fast charging. Like the combustion […]

Renault has pulled the Megane from sale in the UK

This week, Renault has removed the combustion-powered Renault Mégane from sale here in the UK. The car had been sold here for 27 years and gone through four different generations. All is not lost however, as the electric Mégane is to remain on sale. The latest generation of Mégane was revealed back in 2015 at the Frankfurt motor show. Renault offered a range of model variants, with a five-door hatchback, […]

UK order books now open for new Renault Megane E-Tech Electric

This week, Renault has started offering the all new Megane E-Tech Electric in the UK, with the order books officially being opened on 12th May. The new all electric car will be offered here in three trim levels, with Equilibre, Techno and Launch Edition. At the moment, potential customers can put a deposit down, with a a refundable £500. In the UK, Renault will be offering one battery option, whereas […]

Renault to go electric only in Europe by 2030

Renault has revised its plan for the company offering electric cars in the UK and Europe, previously it was planning on offering 90% of its lineup as electric only by 2030 but now it has committed to offer 100% of its models on sale in the UK and Europe as electric only. Other companies such as Fiat, Ford and Peugeot have also committed to the same timeline, of being an […]

Euro NCAP crash test Renault Zoe, gets zero-star rating

Euro NCAP have tested two electric cars from the Renault group recently, the new Dacia Spring and now the Zoe. Both cars are fully electric and have not performed well at all, which is surprising as Renault was an early firm favourite back in the early 2000s when the Euro NCAP was relatively new. The Dacia Spring was tested and it achieved a one star safety rating. Euro NCAP said […]

Renault’s new, updated Trafic van now on sale in the UK

Renault’s new updated Trafic panel van has gone on sale today in the UK with prices starting at £25,200. First customer deliveries are due to start this December. This new design change is quite minor with redesigned LED headlights, a new look grille as well as some unification of the design, to bring it inline with other Renault vehicles, such as the daytime running lights. Inside the Trafic is a […]

Renault announces new Arkana SUV coupe, on sale now

Renault has recently announced the all new Arkana, something that was revealed in concept form at the Moscow motor show, back in 2018. The Arkana is classed as a coupé-crossover and is built on the same platform as the Clio and Captur. The Arkana wasn’t originally going to be offered in Western Europe, however the popularity of SUVs has made Renault rethink its plans and it is now on sale […]

Renault’s future models will be limited to 112mph

Future models from Renault and Dacia will have speed limits in them from factory with a top speed restriction of 112mph, this is a move to hopefully make the vehicles it sells safer. The Renault Group is not only limiting speed, but also adding some other safety tech into its cars, with something calling “Detect”, “Safety Coach” and “Rescue Code”. The speed limiting tech will only apply to The Renault […]

Renault announce all new Kangoo van with ‘pillarless’ side door

In the last few weeks, Renault has announced the all new Kangoo small panel van, which will be available in petrol and diesel and as well as a fully electric version, sitting under the ZE brand. Renault will put the new van on sale here in the UK this summer. The new Kangoo also features a new ‘pillarless’ sliding door, which Renault is calling ‘Open Sesame’. ‘Open Sesame’ as pictured […]