Dark Sky

Apple has now shut down weather app, Dark Sky

As of yesterday (1st Jan 2023), Apple has now shut down the popular weather app, Dark Sky. Apple removed the app from the App Store in September this year, but it did remain functional for users who had already been using it. However, as of yesterday the official app and website are now non-functional and it is recommend to use the built in Apple Weather app within iOS 16, iPadOS […]

Dark Sky has now been removed from the iOS App Store

Ahead of the upcoming scheduled shut down, Apple has recently removed Dark Sky from the iOS App Store. Dark Sky was acquired by Apple back in March 2020 and has since been stripped down and have elements incorporated into the stock weather app on iOS, which will soon come to the iPad and Mac. As soon as Apple acquired the company, the Android app was swiftly removed from sale, but […]

Dark Sky is reminding users that it’s app will shutdown on 1st January

Apple acquired Dark Sky over two years ago and the wind down process of it being merged into the Apple Weather app has been a relatively slow one. Apple has basically finished the process this year with the release of iOS 16, macOS 13 and iPadOS 16. Last year Apple majorly overhauled the Weather app last year with iOS 15 and now it seems the process is now finished. Shortly after […]

Dark Sky website and iOS app will now stick around until 2022

Apple purchased popular weather app, Dark Sky little over a year ago now and has slowly been picking away at the pieces and integrating them into the stock iOS weather app. Last year with iOS 14, Apple added support for seeing the precipitation forecast fo the immediate future, which would show on a widget if it was going to rain soon. Then this week, when Apple previewed iOS 15 at […]