Twitter is reported to have laid off Esther Crawford

Esther Crawford joined Twitter back in 2020 as part of an acquisition of Squad and has since headed up new products at Twitter, with her most notable work being the recent launch of Twitter Blue. Shortly after Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk in 2022, a photo of Crawford asleep at the office went viral. This tweet (below), cemented Crawford as the face of Twitter Blue and during the messy […]

Ionity launches new HPC stations in France & Italy

On the continent, Ionity has launched new HPC (High-Power Charging) stations on important routes in France and Italy, opening up possibilities for more EVs to be used for longer journeys. One of the new locations in France is in Mornas, and is on one of the main routes that connects Lyon with Marseille and Nice, for example. The charging location in Mornas is now the largest charging park in Europe […]

Nissan is testing electric trucks in the port of LA

Nissan has recently announced that it is now testing two, large electric trucks in the port of Los Angeles. The company hasn’t got any of their own, but instead using trucks from Nikola and Kenworth to deliver new passenger cars to local dealerships within the area of LA. This initial trial will see the use of just two trucks and is more of a proof-of-concept. If successful, the company will […]

Bentley will retire the W12 engine next year

Bentley introduced its iconic W12 engine back in 2003, with the first Continental GT and it was used in subsequent versions of the car in the years afterwards. Shortly afterwards, Volkswagen used the same W12 engine in the Phaeton. Bentley has said that order books for all W12 powered cars will close this December, but just before that happens – a brand new car, the Bentley Batur will arrive and use […]

New BMW i4 eDrive35 now on sale

Earlier this week, BMW put the new i4 eDrive35 on sale, marking a new entry level trim for the model. The car has a range of 299 miles, which is pretty impressive – other trim levels, such as the M Sport has a range of 288 miles. The new eDrive35 sits at the base of the range, below the eDrive40 and M50 models and while it is the entry version, […]

Volkswagen is planning on using more recycled materials in its EVs

Volkswagen is planning on using more recycled materials in its line of electric cars. So far, the company has used a lot of recycled materials in the ID. Buzz and pretty soon, this will be rolled out in the ID.3, ID.4, ID.5 and the ID.7. In the current ID. Buzz, Volkswagen uses 63 500 ml PET bottles, or in some cases a lot of recycled ocean plastic. At the very […]

Ubiquiti launches the UniFi LTE Pro in the US

Ubiquiti has recently launched the UniFi Pro LTE over in the US, after it has been available in the EU and UK for a while. The main difference between pretty much all LTE hardware Ubiquiti offers, is that in the US the hardware is always locked to AT&T. The original UniFi LTE was so locked to AT&T that the price per GB was just way to expensive. While the UniFi […]

Nintendo 3DS history and artwork by Grid Studio

Grid Studio is a company who has been making thoughtfully designed artwork of electronic devices, that have been disassembled and framed. Fans of Apple devices, Nokia devices and also, Nintendo. The company has a wide array of frames for sale on its store, which you can check out here. the interface received the Nintendo 3DS frame to take a look at and share with our readers some details about it. This […]

Subway partnering with GenZ to offer charging at its US stores

Subway US has partnered with GenZ EV Solutions to bring EV charging to Subway stores across the US. The new rollout will take place over a number of years and will start at any new or recently remodelled stores. The first sites to benefit will start later this year in the US. Subway has mentioned that apart from charging stations, it’ll plan to have canopies, with picnic tables, WiFi connectivity, […]

Ubiquiti launches new Cloud Key Stand for the UCK-G2-Plus

Ubiquiti has recneltuy launched the new Cloud Key Stand for the UCK-G2-Plus. This is a simple metal stand, which should allow the Cloud Key to get better ventilation, as this device does get pretty warm. It is up now on the official Ubiquti Store in the US and EU for $19 US, €21 EU and £18.65 in the UK. As you can see in the photos, the Cloud Key mounts […]