The Ubiquiti SolarPoint is back for 2024

Ubiquiti broke its silence this week, with regards to the sunMAX SolarPoint. The device is pretty unique in this space combining four PoE ethernet ports, integrated MPPT charge controller, 24v DC output and remote management via the UISP application platform. However, the device has been out of stock for around 2-3 years with many people thinking the SolarPoint and related SolarSwitch were discontinued by Ubiquiti, as there wasn’t even any […]

The problem with electric car misinformation (and some EV FAQs)

You may have noticed lately that the general tone in the mainstream press at the moment is very geared towards generating a huge stir amongst the public when it comes to electric cars. In this post, we’re going explore why there is so much media coverage about the problems with EVs and also some FAQs and misconceptions to clear up. Why are we seeing negative press in the media? As […]

Nintendo starting to shut down online play for Wii U and 3DS

Nintendo has shut down the online play function for the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U, months ahead of the original date. The company was originally going to turn off the servers in April 2024, but has already pulled the plug just before Christmas Eve. However, as of writing some users may still have access as this is a gradual slow rollout, according to Jonathan Barrow, from Pretendo. However, regardless […]

Honda e dropped from sale in the EU, UK and Japan

Honda has recently discontinued the iconic Honda e electric hatchback in the UK, Europe and Japan. Since its introduction in 2020 sales haven’t been as impressive as Honda hoped. A few things can be attributed to this, namely the hefty price increase. In 2020, the Honda e was priced at £29,160 (after Govt. grant, which has since been removed). Before being dropped from sale, Honda was asking £37,395 for the […]

Lowe’s stores in the US now accept Apple Pay

Lowe’s retail stores in the USA have been a longtime holdout of accepting Apple Pay in its physical stores. The company has been accepting Apple Pay online and in its app for a long time, but for various reasons it has been a hold out when it comes to accepting contactless and Apple Pay in its stores. Apple Pay support commenced on 20th December this year, according to various Lowe’s […]

Ubiquiti 2023 – Year in Review

Every year, Ubiquiti comes out with a lot of new products and we’re going to look back on the past twelve months of releases, software updates and more. This year, Ubiquiti launched a full rebrand, UniFi Talk was launched in the UK and Canada, the new G5 Bullet and G5 Dome were launched, lots of new UISP products were also launched. For the interface, we also launched a brand new […]

UI Chat – December 2023 – “I’m tired, boss”

SquadShot Show Notes This month on the UI Chat Podcast, Alex and Evan are back to record a Christmas special episode. Topics discussed are the UniFi Protect remote access saga and what that means, the new UniFi Express, UniFi Access Elevator, the UISP Design Centre now has support for fibre planning, the new UniFi Cable Modem and much, much more! We love to hear from our listeners! Get in touch […]

Ubiquiti introduces new UniFi Cable Modem

Ubiquiti has introduced a new cable modem this week which is compatible with the UniFi system. The new modem was leaked earlier this year in July by ISP and will work with certain cable ISPs such as Comcast Business, Comcast Xfinity (Residential), Charter Spectrum (Residential) and Cox (Residential). The new modem has a small 1.3-inch LCM screen as seen in other UniFi devices, DOCSIS 3.1 port on the rear […]

Ford reveals pricing for new E-Transit Custom in the UK, starting from £52k

Ford has recently updated its list for the new E-Transit Custom pricing in the UK which has now included the initial specs and release dates for the all electric model. The new Transit Custom has recently gone on sale in the UK, with prices for the base spec ‘Leader’ trim starting at £38,820 (£32,350 exc.VAT). For that you get a 2.0L EcoBlue diesel engine with 110PS (108bhp) and a 6 […]

Ubiquiti launches new EV Station Pro, with support for payment processing

Ubiquiti has recently introduced the new EV Station Pro which has support for payment processing. The new unit looks pretty identical to the non-Pro model with the same SAE J1772 charging plug, 10.1″ touchscreen and 11 kW Level 2 charging speeds. One of the other differences is that is can now use WiFi as well as Ethernet to connect, although this is the same automatic ‘Auto-connect to UniFi WiFi’ system […]