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Apple Pay is now available in Italy from today

Apple Pay is expanding the world, rather quite quickly. As of writing the mobile payments service is available in the UK, USA, Japan, Canada, Russia, China and New Zealand – this list being a very small representation, lots more countries now support Apple Pay, a significant achievement considering it was only launched at the end of 2014, with the iPhone 6. Now, Apple has added support for Italy with early […]

Apple Pay launches in France today

Since it’s debut in the UK last July, Apple Pay has really been a big hit here in the UK, US, Australia, Canada and more, major stores such as M&S, Costa, Coop and McDonald’s are already accepting payments from Apple Pay. Now Apple is expanding the service into France today along with partnerships with MasterCard and Visa, users can add these cards to the Wallet app to use in stores […]

Google announces Android Pay is now available in the UK

Google have announced that Android Pay is now officially available in the UK.  This allows users of Android smartphones to make contactless payments much in a similar way to iPhone users. The UK is the first country besides the US that can currently use this method of contactless payment via a smartphone.  Jimmy McLoughlin, The Institute of Directors lead on the Digital Economy has stated that: ” The arrival of […]

Apple Pay now works at Bank of America ATMs

Apple Pay has been around for nearly two years now, at least in the United States and one most requested addition to the system was the ability to draw cash out using Apple Pay, until now that has been pretty difficult. From today Bank of America is allowing iPhone users to draw cash out of some of their ATMs across the country. The image below from the bank explains it […]

Australia advertises Apple Pay better than Apple!

Every time we use Apple Pay to buy anything from coffee at Starbucks, groceries or anything at stores it does feel cool and almost magic like although Apple doesn’t really convey this feeling when it shows it’s own ads, so Australia thought it would have a go. As banks are starting to do now to get the attention back to them, ANZ in Australia have come up with their own […]

Barclay’s now finally supports Apple Pay in the UK

It’s taken the bank quite a while now, but finally starting from today users who have a bank account with Barclays or a credit card with Barclaycard can now add their cards to Apple Pay on iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch and use it in stores and in apps. Last year when the service was made available in the UK, nearly all of the major banks signed up for support […]

Apple Pay will be available in China on February 18

Another country will soon be getting Apple Pay, so far the service is available United States from launch and has since expanded to the United Kingdom back in the summer. Also late last year Canada was added for support but with American Express cards only . But the big news is that China will be getting Apple Pay by tomorrow which is February 18th, according to social media posts from UnionPay. […]

Barclays will support Apple Pay in the UK by April

Back in July last year when Apple Pay made it over to the UK initially most of the major UK banks and credit unions signed up for the service apart from Barclays, as of writing a total of 15 banks or credit card companies in the UK now support Apple Pay, including Lloyds Bank, M&S Bank, TSB and Halifax. In July, Barclays initially stated that they wont be accepting Apple […]

Samsung Pay now available on more phones, online retailers to accept in 2016

Samsung is eying up Apple’s large mind share as the company is now rolling out plans to offer online payment transactions with Samsung Pay and roll out to more of the company’s devices next year including the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Ko from Reuters made some points and reported on what the company has planned for Samsung Pay next year, he predicts that the service will be made available to some of the […]

WSJ: Apple Pay may be available in China by February

Apple Pay has already been available in the US for around a year now and here in the UK we have had it since July of this year and it has great support from major banks and credit card companies and now, according to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is looking at bringing the service to China next by February next year. However the current market situation in China may lead […]