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YouTube on Apple TV is rolling out support for 4K

With tvOS 14 Apple finally opted to support Google’s own VP9 codec for UHD 4K content, as well as on iOS too. tvOS launched a few weeks ago and starting late last week, the official YouTube app on Apple TV was updated to support 4K videos. Previously the max was 1080p on the Apple TV and now users will have access to 1440p and 2160p (4K) videos on YouTube. tvOS […]

Apple TV app reported to be available on Xbox soon

Apple has been expanding where the Apple TV app is available over the past year, ever since Apple TV+ debuted. At the moment, the app is available on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, the web via tv.apple.com as well as smart TVs, Roku boxes, Amazon Fire TV and much, much more. The app does work in a different way on iOS, iPadOS and tvOS than it does anywhere else and to […]

Documentary about Billie Eilish will be coming to Apple TV+ next year

Billie Eilish has been working on a new documentary lately, and it’s been around nine months since Apple bought the rights to the full documentary on the star. Titled “Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry.” Today Apple announced that the documentary will be coming to Apple TV+ in February 2021 as well as a theatrical release. It is reported that Apple paid around $25 million for this documentary. RJ […]

Billy Crudup has won an Emmy for his role in the Apple TV+ show, ‘The Morning Show”

One of the very first shows Apple launched on Apple TV+ last year was The Morning Show, and it had a lot of big names starring in it, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, Reese Witherspoon and others as well as Billy Crudup. Crudup has won an Emmy for his part in the show as an ‘outstanding supporting actor’ as his role as Cory Ellison, the network executive in the show. Jimmy Kimmel hosted […]

Long Way Up starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman is now out on Apple TV+

Starting today on Apple TV+, Long Way Up starring Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, where the pair drive 13,000 miles from Ushuaia in South America to Los Angeles in North America. The pair have completed a couple of shows in the same style in the past, Long Way Round in 2004 and Long Way Down in 2007 and Long Way Up will be the first show in over ten years. Charley Tweeted […]

Apple releases tvOS 14 for Apple TV

Yesterday, Apple released tvOS 14 for Apple TV users, it now has system wide Picture in Picture mode, previously only some apps could support it, now you can go anywhere on the Apple TV and continue watching a movie or TV show. HomeKit is now more of a part of Apple TV, the Home icon is now in the Control centre and can be used to control your favourite accessories […]

Vizio SmartCast TVs now support the Apple TV app

We reported back in January that “later this year” Vizio would be launching the Apple TV app on its range of smart TVs and now today for customers in the United States and Canada that has happened. The company announced today that customers will have access to it, along with a promotional offer of a three month free trial of Apple TV+. Customers looking to benefit from the free Apple […]

Apple posts trailer for new Apple TV+ unscripted show, ‘Long Way Up’ – starring Ewan McGregor

Yesterday, Apple has shared the first trailer for its new show which is coming soon, called ‘Long Way Up’ – an unscripted travel show starring Ewan McGregor Star Wars and Charley Boorman, where the pair drive 13,000 miles from Ushuaia in South America to Los Angeles in North America. Can you believe it on Apple TV #LongWayUp premieres September 18 on Apple TV+ @AppleTV pic.twitter.com/oRyYAt0y4B — Charley Boorman (@charleyboorman) September […]

Tom Hanks film ‘Greyhound’ will launch on Apple TV+ in July

Earlier in May, Apple paid Sony $70 million for the streaming rights to a new Tom Hanks film, called ‘Greyhound’ which follows George Krause in WWII. The film will be launching on Apple TV+ on the 10th July. Apple now has the rights for fifteen years, but Sony has retained the rights in China. Inspired by real events, Captain Ernest Krause (Tom Hanks) leads an international convoy of 37 ships […]

Trying on Apple TV+ will be retuning for a second season, says Esther Smith

Apple’s first British and first European show on Apple TV+ is Trying, it debuted in full on the 1st May and it follows the life of Jason and Nikki as they go through the process of adopting a baby. All eight episodes can be watched now on Apple TV+. Earlier in the month, Esther Smith who plays Nikki spoke to Metro about the show and whats next for it. “Yeah, we’ve been […]