Electric Vehicles

Citroën launches new e-Berlingo electric van, with 171 miles of range

Today, Citroën has announced the all new e-Berlingo, the first small all electric van from the PSA group so far and it is actually the fist of three new electric vans the group is planning on launching in this year alone. PSA, which also owns DS, Peugeot, Opel/Vauxhall and Citroën is planning on completely making the van line up fully electric by the year 2025. Like the other larger vans […]

Tesla Model Y is now has a five star rating for safety

Tesla’s latest model, the mid size SUV Model Y is now a five star rated car for safety, as awarded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA). The NHTSA looks at crash safety, with regards to impacts from the side, front and what happens if the car rolls over. The Model Y has come out on top in the whole test. The Model 3, Model X and Model S […]

The only car manufacturers to see increased sales last year were Tesla and MG

In 2020 in general, car sales suffered due to the coronavirus pandemic, people being unemployed as a result and this affects the car sales last year, in fact new car registrations hit a 30-year low in 2020, 680,076 fewer cars were sold last year than in 2019. However two car manufacturers came out on top, MG and Tesla who both saw increased sales. Tesla had the best selling car in April […]

Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car in the UK last month

In December 2020, Tesla had the best selling car of the month here in the UK with the Model 3. Almost 6,000 units of the car were shifted even with a decline of 29.4% in new car registrations year on year in the whole country. Tesla sold exactly 5,798 of the Model 3, more than the ever popular Volkswagen Golf and usual crowing champion, the Ford Fiesta. In December, Volkswagen […]

Norway is now the first country where EVs are more popular than petrol and diesel cars

Norway has been ahead of every other country in the world for quite a number of years now and in 2020, for the first time electric cars outsold traditional petrol and diesel combustion cars. In 2020 54.3% of all the new cars sold were fully electric BEV vehicles, not hybrid at all. In the year previously, 42.1% of the cars sold were fully electric. In terms of what cars are […]

Tesla is now selling a cheaper Model Y

This week, Tesla has started to make the Model Y more affordable with the introduction of the standard range rear-wheel drive Model Y which comes in at $42,000 in the US (£33,000). As well as this new version of the Model Y, Tesla has also started offering it with a seven seat option, in addition to the five seat option. The rear wheel drive version of the Model Y was […]

Tesla manufactured 500,000 cars last year

For Tesla, 2020 seemed a bit up and down, on the upside back in May last here the Tesla Model 3 was the best selling car here in the UK due to the pandemic, traditional car manufactures hadn’t caught up in time to the way Tesla sells its cars – all online. The company just changed the hand off to be deliveries or zero touch and there wasn’t much work […]

Tesla opens world’s largest Supercharger location in China today

Today, Tesla has opened it’s largest ever Supercharger location in Shanghai, China with a massive 72 stalls, and judging by the images provided my Twitter user @JaiinShanghai it all looks to be located in an underground carpark of some kind. All 72 stalls are v2 Superchargers only, meaning up to 150 kW output can be achieved. The previous largest Tesla charging site is actually in the US – located in […]

Tesla will start selling its cars in India next year

Tesla hasn’t yet entered the market in India but in 2021, that should be about to change as Elon replied to a question on Twitter a few days ago regarding that. Some rumours have suggested that the company might be starting to sell in the country next year but now Tesla CEO has confirmed it. No, but definitely this year — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 27, 2020 India is one […]

New Tesla update hints that Apple Music support may be coming

Tesla has long only offered Spotify in its cars, as well as music from your phone on any service using Bluetooth or USB but with Spotify, the car can stream directly from the service using the integrated 4G connection. However, with a recent update to the software on the Tesla cars, it may be looking like support for Apple Music and Amazon Music might be coming soon. Support for Tidal […]