Electric Vehicles

BMW announces the iX, a fully bespoke, 500bhp, all electric SUV

This is the brand new BMW iX, the company’s first all electric flagship SUV and it’s certainly an interesting looking car. The iX will go on sale in late 2021 and it’s a five seat SUV which looks like it is taking on the very capable Tesla Model X – as it has 500bhp, a range of 373 miles and can do 0-60mph in under five seconds. The first thing […]

Tesla now has 20,000 chargers on the Supercharger network

Yesterday, Tesla announced that it now has 20,000 Superchargers world wide and quite a lot of expansion has come in the last few months, for example in September of this year Tesla had 17,500 chargers with a lot of new ones being the new V3 which is capable of adding 1,000 miles of range to a car per hour. 20k Superchargers and counting pic.twitter.com/urudyt9Eui — Tesla (@Tesla) November 8, 2020 […]

Volvo has all new heavy-duty electric trucks launching soon

Volvo has recently announced that it will begin selling all electric “heavy-duty” trucks next year with large mass production starting the following year. Volvo already has some smaller more urban focused trucks with the Volvo FE Electric and EF Electric models which are designed to complete shorter journeys. These two models went on sale last year. Volvo is also planning on much longer range trucks, to launch “in this decade” […]

Ford will be announcing the all-electric Ford Transit next week

The electric car revolution is with us, the car market is nearly there, with the prices coming down but the electric van market is quite new in comparison, the likes of Vauxhall, Peugeot and Citroen all have all electric vans on the market with competitive specs but as of last week, Ford announced that it is getting into the game – wit the e-Transit. PSA have the Peugeot e-Expert, Citroen […]

Upcoming Fiat 500e gains new trim which will be under £20k

The third generation Fiat 500 was announced earlier this year and for the first time, it will be a fully electric car and as of June, Fiat announced the pricing was from £29,000 for the convertible and from £26,995 for the hatchback. Both cars will have 199 miles of range. That price is common for a premium electric hatchback at the moment, both the Honda e and the Mini Electric […]

Tesla Model 3 updated with more range and interior changes

Tesla has recently updated the Model 3 in the UK to now have more range, as well as some minor revisions and updates to the interior. Tesla has ‘de-chromed’ the Model 3, which was a common thing people wanted to change and changed them to satin black on the door handles, indicator housing and around the windows. Also new are the Überturbine wheels (pictured) which come in 18-inch and 19-inch […]

Tesla will start production of 7 seat Model Y next month

The Tesla Model Y has been on sale for a while now and when it was announced, a seven seat version was promised with three rows and so far this hasn’t been an option until now. Someone on Twitter asked Elon Musk when the seven seat version would be available and Elon replied stating that production will start in November and then the earliest deliveries will be in December. Starting […]

Volkswagen announces full ID.3 range and prices

The new Volkswagen ID.3 has recently starting making its way to customers, the 1st Edition started being delivered about a month ago but so far the only model on sale has been the 1st Edition which costs over £35,000. When the car was originally launched it was marketed that their would be model that will cost under £30,000 and today, VW has announced it. “We are over the moon to […]

Amazon has a new all electric delivery van it built with Rivian

Amazon is working towards making delivering its goods more environmentally friendly and one good way to do that is remove combustion based delivery vehicles. Enter the new all electric delivery van from Amazon, built with Rivian – a company best known for their upcoming electric pickup and SUV. The new van doesn’t actually have a name that we could find from Amazon, weirdly. “Amazon is excited to reveal its first […]

Tesla accounts now support 2FA

Considering how important your Tesla account is and what can be controlled if someone had access to it, the fact that Tesla hasn’t support two factor authentication (2FA) until now isn’t great, but at least they have it now. Even Elon Musk said Tesla is “embarrassingly late” to have support for it. Musk said back in August that 2FA would be coming soon and today we have it. At the […]