Blog: Would you use Ubiquiti in a new build?

If you’re building a new house, like the good folks over at the Automated Home blog are, then you might want to take the opportunity to install a new first class enterprise level home network, with roaming WiFi, security features, guest SSIDs and more. We’ve covered the Ubiquiti UniFi product line on this website before, check out our buyers guide for 2019 here but the guys at Automated Home are building […]

Ubiquiti launches bundle for AmpliFi Alien router and new mesh unit

At the end of November, Ubiquiti launched its first 802.11ax (WiFi 6) product, the AmpliFi Alien which is standalone, high performance router which has 802.11ax support, gigabit LAN ports and a touchscreen so you can see information about connected devices, throughput and more. Up until today, if you needed more range from your AmpliFi Alien router, the only option was to spend a further $379 on a second router in […]

Ubiquiti launches UniFi Building Bridge – a managed 60GHz PtP kit

Last week, Ubiquiti Inc launched the new UniFi Building Bridge, which is a preconfigured 60GHz PtP kit with a backup 5GHz radio built in. In the past, if you needed to extend a full UniFi network between two places, you would have to use Ubiquiti’s range of airMAX 5GHz or 2.4GHz PtMP gear, which can’t be managed with UniFi which makes remote support a little difficult. Enter the building bridge, […]

Ubiquiti UniFi Network Product Line Guide 2019

Slightly confused by Ubiquiti’s UniFi product line? You’re not alone, here’s the full guide to the 2019 product line and which device is best for you. What is UniFi? UniFi is a product by Ubiquiti and is classed as SDN or Software Defined Networking. It is an enterprise level product line which consists of WiFi APs, firewalls, network switches with and without PoE and also Ubiquiti’s VoIP phones and cameras […]

Ubiquiti launches new AmpliFi Alien router, with 802.11ax support

Ubiquiti Inc, a company more known for enterprise WiFi with its UniFi line and WISP products, with airFiber and airMAX – launched AmpliFi a few years ago under a sub-brand of U Labs, but today the company has expanded its AmpliFi product line with a new router called Alien. What’s most notable is the support for 802.11ax (or WiFi 6 as it is being marketed out as) and this is […]

Ubiquiti releases UniFi 5.7.20 with IPv6 support and new IPS Security scanning

Last week, networking company Ubiquiti Networks unveiled a new update to its UniFi product line. UniFi is the company’s line of cloud managed enterprise grade wireless access points, switches and firewalls. New update The new update, was released 2 weeks and only released to the automatic download channels in the last week. New features include full IPv6 support, for WAN connections and LAN networks. The IPv6 support is in beta […]

Ubiquiti launches new UniFi Mesh access points

If you haven’t heard of Ubiquiti, you’re definitely not the only one. The company doesn’t sell to consumers directly, apart from its subdivision ULabs which make the Amplifi home mesh system. New UniFi Mesh access points UniFi is Ubiquiti’s range of enterprise grade indoor and outdoor WiFi access points, offering advanced features you’d expect to find in much pricier hardware and licensed software. Today’s announcement adds two new models to the […]

ICTP and CISAR use Ubiquiti airFiber and achieve 356mbps across 304km

A non profit organisation in Italy called The Centro Italiano Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche have achieved a super long distance wireless link using Ubiquiti’s airFiber backhaul radios and large dishes. The link spreads across the water half way and connects at 304km or 189 miles and still manages to transmit 356mbps in full duplex mode. The group used two Ubiquiti airFiber 5X radios which only cost around £400 each and two […]